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Our crew is fully aware of how crucial the quality of your WIFI connection is in today’s connected society. Whatever you do online—day trading, watching your favorite shows on-demand, or playing video games—we know how essential it is to you and how every click matters. The EEROS WIFI experts are Smarter Home Solutions of Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. To ensure you achieve the desired outcomes, whether pre-wiring a new home or improving your present home network, you should speak with a network professional. In addition, some electronics, including televisions, game consoles, and cable boxes, should be hardwired. This reduces the burden on your WiFi bandwidth.

Brookhill Tech Wifi & Network Installation Advantages

Optimized Performance

The strength of your network is entirely dependent on your ISP (internet service provider). Still, it's also crucial to understand how your home is organized, how many people live there, and how they use the network. So, in addition to creating a WiFi system specifically for you, eero TrueMesh learns about your home and optimizes for its layout, connected devices, and general network usage. The result is increased coverage, faster speeds, and a more dependable connection.

Upgraded Speeds

Do you ever have a fast enough network at home? Particularly in today's society, where many people spend more time at home, work from home, and even attend home schools. All of this puts extra strain on your WiFi. TrueMesh is a patented technology (available only from eero) that depends on real-time data and dynamic routing algorithms to reduce speed degradation. As a result, everyone on the network will experience faster internet connections and reaction times.

Stong Connections

What is a network that is too slow? One that doesn't function! When children are whining nonstop about their gaming experience while you are watching a movie, it can be not very pleasant. eeros permanently fix the issue! The TrueMesh technology attempts to restore itself by hopping between eero devices whenever there is any form of disturbance in your home network. This function adjusts the system to provide a strong signal and uninterrupted happiness for your family.

Quality Network Connection


Eero ups your wifi game via a mesh network. The mesh network extends wifi through walls and into every room of your house. An eero system combines several devices that operate well together to broadcast powerful signals in all directions, as opposed to a standard router, which can leave some rooms outside of the wireless network’s coverage. They refer to it as TrueMesh technology that genuinely adapts to your requirements and those of your family. The best parts are its scalability and affordability. We promise to stick to your spending plan while exceeding your expectations. We know the optimum design and application to exactly fit your house or place of business because we are a registered Eeros dealer.

Long Island Wifi Network Services and Installations

Some of the services we provide for your home and network solutions are listed below. Smarter Home Solutions are fundamentally built on solid domestic or commercial networks. Even with the most cutting-edge technology, it will be worthless and incredibly annoying without reliable connectivity. We guarantee you will be informed and constantly linked thanks to our experience and the tried-and-true eeros solutions. For home automation, Nest smart thermostats, Smart Blinds, Smart Lighting, Ring smart doorbells, and all of your other smart home products to work properly, you must have powerful WiFi.

At Brookhill Tech Designs we ensure that your private network is secure and efficient.  from problems such as slow connection speeds, poor layout leading to signal dead- areas around the house, outdated or worn-out equipment. 

In this niche, our services include:

  • Custom Design The Perfect Network Layout
  • Designing A WiFi Computer Network
  • Extending Your Home Network
  • Troubleshooting Any Network Problems
  • Upgrading All Necessary Computer Networking Appliances
  • Configuring The Routers
  • Connecting All Smart Devices
  • Optimizing Your Internal Private Network

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