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Smart Doorbells

Every home can have a Smart Video Doorbell.

No matter where you live—house, apartment, or condo—we have the ideal doorbell for you.

Installing a Ring, Nest, or Control4 doorbell in your Long Island home allows you to answer the door from anywhere. You can identify the person at your door using HD video and Two-Way Talk, and you may converse with them to learn why they are there. These video doorbells will come with cutting-edge motion detection that will instantly notify you of any activity on your porch by sending notifications to your phone, an Alexa device, or chime. Put a stop to the porch pirates (package thieves) and ensure your home is safe. Brookhill Tech Designs is your Suffolk County Long Island Smart Doorbell dealer. 


Control4 - Chime Video Doorbell

The Video Doorbell offers clients the option to monitor and communicate with their front doors, gates, or entryways with an amazing Video and Audio Intercom experience when used in conjunction with Video Intercom touchscreens.


Google - Nest Doorbell

The Nest Doorbell is the battery-operated video doorbell that can be used in any home. Get intelligent alerts about significant activity, such as when there is a person, package, animal, or car, and view what is occurring at your door from anywhere. Furthermore, you can install it yourself because there are no cables. Nest Doorbell is incompatible with the Nest app and the website; it needs the Google Home app and a Google Account.


Ring - Elite Video Doorbell

With Ring Elite, you can keep an eye on your house, answer the door, and welcome visitors from your phone. You can see, hear, and speak to visitors from any location thanks to rapid alerts, HD video, and two-way communication. If you're busy, ask visitors to leave a note with one of the pre-selected Quick Replies to save time. A front door answering machine, if you will.

The Brookhill Tech Advantage

Motion Detection

Your doorbell can detect any activity at your front entrance thanks to an integrated motion sensor and is fully customisable with "Motion Zones." You can designate a specified region that you want your video doorbell to cover and ignore everything outside of it using the Motion Zone settings. You may significantly improve the effectiveness of your Ring doorbell experience and decrease the frequency of "false positive" motion alerts, such as cars going by, by setting your motion zones to exclude regularly used areas like public walkways and roads.

Onsite Demonstration & Proposals

You can choose how you want to be notified if a motion is detected. Your smartphone, tablet, PC, or even a compatible Samsung Smart TV receives an Alert whenever someone hits the button on yourdoorbell. The built-in motion sensor detects a motion alert, which is the second kind of alert. You can receive either or both of these notifications on your mobile device from anywhere in the world, which will give you peace of mind when you are away from home. Additionally, your Smart Home Automation System may use this.

Visual & Audio Communitcation

You may see, hear, and chat to whoever is at your front door after pressing the doorbell button and receiving a notice. You'll always be able to clearly hear and see what is happening at your front door thanks to HD video quality. All Smart Speakers, Smart Displays, and compatible Control4 devices allow two-way conversation. It is possible to set up two-way communication on any smart video doorbell.

Interested In Upgrading Your Home Or Business?

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Control4 - Chime Video Doorbell


Chime has five motion zones that are all movable and allow for custom motion characteristics—no more intrusive alerts for each passing vehicle. Your smart home pro can set up customized zones so that a camera photo is transmitted each time someone enters a particular zone, that a recording is started whenever movement is detected in a separate zone, or that all exterior lights are turned on when there is activity on the porch. Additionally, your Control4 Smart Home integrates with Chime for more sophisticated automation, including switching off lights when a human is spotted after a specific time of night.

  • Video doorbell that fully integrates with Control4 smart home
  • 5MP HD camera with 180-degree field of view
  • Two-way audio, no push and release required
  • Five customizable motion zones with sensitivity control
  • Night mode and IR LEDs
  • Stores seven days of event recordings in the cloud
  • Wi-Fi and PoE models
  • Available in black and satin-nickel finishes

Google - Nest Doorbell


Meet the advanced new video doorbell from Google Nest. The battery-powered Nest Doorbell has built-in intelligent alerts to let customers know about important activity. And it can be wired to a house chime or installed without wires.


  • Utilize the Google Home app to control.
    The Google Home app allows you to view live HD video, replay video recordings, chat with guests, and more.
  • Everything is interconnected.
    Other Nest items can be used with the Nest Doorbell. When someone is at the door, Nest Mini can play announcements. And when someone rings the bell, Nest Hub will let you know who is present.
  • Go back in time.
    Go back over the previous three hours with free event video history if you missed a notification. Add Nest Aware Plus for up to 60 days of event video history if you want more. ** Even with the optional wired connection, the Nest Doorbell’s battery does not record continuous video history.

  • Receive notifications that are important to you.
    With the Nest Doorbell, you can answer the door from anywhere and see who is at your door. There is no guesswork because it can distinguish between a person, package, car, and animal and notifies you when activity is detected.

Ring - Video Doorbell


With Ring Elite, you can keep an eye on your house, answer the door, and welcome visitors from your phone. You can see, hear, and speak to visitors from any location thanks to rapid alerts, HD video, and two-way communication. If you're busy, ask visitors to leave a note with one of the pre-selected Quick Replies to save time.

  • 1080p HD Video
  • Built-in Microphone and Speakers
  • Live View on-Demand Video and Audio