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Cameras & Burglary Systems


Protection Solutions

Security systems are intended to bring you peace of mind. Whether it be for your home or commercial space we are experts at designing and installing security cameras, sensors, and control panels. Our smart tech designers survey your property to give you the best possible solution. Providing you with an optimal view of your areas.


Easy, Enhanced Safety and Security

Honeywell Home’s new 7-inch color touch screen keypad with voice annunciation makes using everyday features much more streamlined. Arm or disarm your whole home or activate zones individually to your preference. With a sleek and innovative design, this touchscreen keypad will serve as a graceful and convenient addition to your home. When not in use it can be set to show photos and videos to act more as a digital media frame than just a security keypad. 


Monitor Your Home With CCTV

Our CCTV installations allow businesses and homeowners to easily monitor their spaces. With continuous video feed which can then be stored locally on your own server. The monitoring system can also be automated and synchronized with other features in your smart home.  

Brookhill Tech’s installation team uses the latest in camera and networking technology. Ensuring that your video feed is clear, responsive, and secure. After Installation our team will go over its operations and elaborate on any features.

Burglary Systems 

In conjunction with our CCTV services, Burglary Systems help thwarts any would-be intruder. With response times averaging between 5 to 11 seconds, installing sensors on doors and windows along with motion sensors we create a barrier that will alert you of any breach. In the case of such an event notifications will be sent out to devices of your choice, as well as triggering other functions of your smart home. With our complete Burglary and CCTV  installation, you’d be able to automate event recording, lighting fixture activations, and even smart lock activations. 

Remote Access

With the availability of remote access, you will be able to easily monitor your home as well as respond to unexpected notifications. No matter if you are just down the block or thousands of miles from home peace of mind is just a click away with our monitoring application. 

Our extra added features will beef up your home or commercial spaces protection:

  • 2-way Audio – communicate live with loved ones while being able to view them on-screen, or deter unwanted visitors to know that they are being watched.
  • Playback – Notice something out of the ordinary, receive an unexpected alert, or just curious about day-to-day events. The playback feature will provide moments captured for your review as well as evidence of situational occurrences.
  • Multiple Views & Arming – Easily switch between cameras to get a clear understanding of the events going on in your spaces. At the push of  a button arm or disarm your system, automating these actions to follow your schedule is another possibility with Brookhill Tech Designs automation integrations.

Interested In Upgrading Your Home Or Business?

Our smart technology designers are ready to help you elevate your experience. Reach out to our team via email or phone for a consultation.