What You Should Know When Adding Google’s Nest To Your Long Island Home


The smart-home ecosystem of Google-owned Nest is offering a few new products and improvements, including a new Nest Wi-Fi Pro router with compatibility for Wi-Fi 6E and a redesigned Google Home app.


New Nest Doorbell and Nest Wi-Fi Pro

The second-generation Nest Doorbell, a battery-operated video doorbell, was introduced by Nest last year. The second-generation wired doorbell is now available for individuals who want to avoid being concerned about their doorbell running out of battery. Although it is 30% smaller, it has a similar appearance and specifications. For example, if your Wi-Fi goes out, it keeps three hours’ worth of significant events in its local memory and offers round-the-clock recording support. In addition, the inbuilt memory of the second-generation Nest Doorbell has been increased.


With a resolution of 960 x 1,280 pixels, the new doorbell’s camera is less high-resolution than the first Nest Doorbell. Still, HDR capability raises the bar for camera quality because it can withstand bright lighting and expose your footage more effectively. According to Nest, the image quality has improved to be clearer under different lighting and weather circumstances. In addition, it offers two-way audio with noise cancellation, is dust- and water-resistant to IP54, and can recognize people, parcels, vehicles, animals, and familiar faces, just like the Nest Doorbell (Battery) (the latter requires a Nest Aware subscription). Both the Google Home app and its use require a Google account.

To its current portfolio of Nest Wi-Fi routers, Nest is also introducing a new Nest Wi-Fi Pro. This is the first router made by the firm that supports Wi-Fi 6E and adds a tri-band connection, a capability that mesh routers are increasingly featuring. The router now uses the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz bands. The new band still uses the farther-reaching 2.4-GHz spectrum even though it can provide faster data to your devices but will be less widespread. (Read more about Wi-Fi 6E in this explainer.) The warning? Wi-Fi 6E must also be supported by your devices, which as of now, only includes a select few recently released.

Nest claims that one Nest Wi-Fi Pro can provide coverage for up to 2,200 square feet; however, it also makes a similar claim for the Nest Wi-Fi. Even though it is marketed as “Pro,” it just has one Ethernet LAN connector, exactly like the Nest Wi-Fi, meaning that you can only hardwire one device. According to the manufacturer, the new router will automatically prioritize high-bandwidth activities, continuously monitor your network performance, and attempt to resolve any internet problems on its own.

Updates to the Matter Protocol 

Later this year, Matter, an open-source smart-home standard, is scheduled to debut, and Google says it is integrating support for Matter into many of its products. Matter aims to improve the interoperability of your gadgets from various companies. It is planned that you will be able to purchase a smart home gadget and control it with any voice assistant or platform of your choice, including Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa.

Google will incorporate Matter support into Android later this year. Phones will swiftly and automatically recognize a Matter device and set it up with the least amount of effort on your behalf. By the end of 2022, all Google Home products—including the original Google Home—will also support the standard.

Installing Google’s Nest Into Your Long Island, NY Home

Every home can have a Google Nest. No matter where you live—house, apartment, or condo—we have the ideal doorbell for you.

Installing a Nest doorbell in your Long Island home allows you to answer the door from anywhere. You can identify the person at your door using HD video and Two-Way Talk, and you may converse with them to learn why they are there. The Nest video doorbell also has cutting-edge motion detection that will instantly notify you to any activity on your porch by sending notifications to your phone, a Nest ecosystem, or Control4 devices. During the holiday season, porch pirates (package thieves) will be active, but we can help you ensure that nothing disappears.


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