How To Properly Mount A T.V. – Expert’s Installation Process

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When you choose Brookhill Tech Designs to mount your TV, you choose professionalism, consideration, and quality services for your home. Our expert team has years of experience and training delivering only premium results for your Long Island home. In addition, our process of installing your new television is one that not only creates a seamless flow of technology and design but one that also ensures your home is protected in the process. No matter if it is indoors, outdoors, or wherever in your home our team can get the job done. Call the number below or fill out the form to speak with a customer service specialist.

  1. We will set up an appointment to determine the best position for your TV to be installed and assist you in selecting the appropriate TV size for the particular wall or mantle where the TV will be placed. We will also review every option with you so that the cables are hidden as possible, leaving a smooth, clean wall. After everything has been decided upon and the task has been arranged, two devoted technicians will be assigned.
  2. Before the installation is complete, the professionals will make sure that your TV is level, centered, and adjusted to your preferences. They will also make sure that any debris is cleaned up and that all of your goods are put back where they were before the installation began.
  3. Your TV will be given a professional cleaner when the installation is completely finished, and it is yours to enjoy!
  4. It turns out that your television has a simple stand that is ready to be fastened onto it and placed on a piece of furniture. But that’s not the reason you’re here; instead, you’re seeking for a TV expert to assist you with getting your television off of your furniture and mounted on a wall or above your fireplace.



Your television does include a simple stand that is ready to be screwed onto and placed on a piece of furniture. But that’s not why you’re here; rather, you’re seeking a TV expert to assist you in mounting your television on a wall or over a fireplace once it has been removed from your furniture.

  1. TV mounting options include: 
    Wall mounting, which is the most common and can be the ideal way to free up space on a mantle or piece of furniture. And since modern televisions are thinner than ever, we have the tools necessary to flush your TV to the wall as possible using specialized mounts and methods.
  2. Fireplace & Brick Mounting – Looking to mount your TV above your fireplace or on a brick wall? Although installing a television over a fireplace is only sometimes the most straightforward option, hanging a television over a fireplace may give any space an air of elegance, slickness, and cleanliness. However, mounting a TV on a fireplace may provide problems with the TV’s power and video connections. Therefore, a crucial step in the procedure is selecting the proper mount. In some circumstances, the TV may be too high and must be lowered using a tilt bracket or articulating mount. Although it could seem difficult, putting a television over a fireplace is not impossible.

Different types of tv mounts:
-Flat mount or otherwise known as a “fixed mount.”
– Tilt mount
-Articulating bracket, a.k.a Cantilever
-Motorized Articulating
-Ceiling Mounted
-motorized ceiling mounted


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