F.A.Q. Most Consumers Have About SONOS Audio Solutions

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Sonos Audio Is Sound Quality At It's Finest

Since 2002 Sonos has been producing audio equipment for both the commercial and consumer market. They have been one of the leading American developers in this industry best known for their multi-room audio products. 

As a proud authorized dealer of Sonos products and installation services, Brookhill Tech Design team is specially trained to provide only the best service when upgrading your home or commercial spaces’ audio.  After many years of assisting our clients, we get asked some common questions most consumers have. 

Here we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions: 


What type of product is Sonos known for?

Sonos offers high-quality wireless speakers and home sound systems that can stream premium sound around your home.

Compared to the competition Is Sonos a good product?

Sonos is a leader in the multi-room audio experience. Their system is rated among the best in wireless speaker systems as it supports most streaming services and has a wide selection of great-sounding speakers, comprehensive search features, and a well-organized app that runs on almost all major mobile platforms.

Where are Sonos products made?

Like most American consumer electronics, the speakers sold by Sonos are developed in America and made in China, but Patrick Spence, CEO of Sonos, has said his company has been preparing for the tariffs by diversifying its supply chain outside of the country.

Does Sonos work with Alexa?

Using the Sonos app allows you to wirelessly connect Alexa to your system. Voice controls can be used from any Amazon Echo device.

How good is Sonos Arc?

The Arc from Sonos engulfs your space in rich sounds enhancing your system. As a sub-less soundbar, our professional take on this is no multi-room audio project is complete without one. Its sleek design and minimal cord usage eliminate clutter bringing simplicity and elegance to your rooms.

Can the Sonos Arc go above the tv?

Yes, the Arc can be mounted above or below your television.  The Sonos TV Mount – Brackets are designed to fit the Sonos Arc soundbar, securing it above or below your unit.

Can Sonos Roam connect to Arc?

While they are from the same manufacturer the Sono Roam is not compatible with a theater setup.

Does Sonos Roam have Alexa built-in?

All Sonos devices are compatible with Alexa voice control. The caveat is how they connect with Alexa, some products will have Alexa built-in while others will need to use the Sonos app to connect with Alexa. The products that have Alexa built-in would be; the Sonos One, the Sonos Beam, the Sonos Beam Gen 2, Sonos Move, Sonos Arc, and Sonos Roam.

How good is the Sonos Roam?

The Sonos Roam’s combination of class-leading connectivity features, powerful sound, and excellent design means it’s one of our top picks for the best portable speaker of 2022. The portable speaker which would trump the Roam would be the Sonos One.

What is the difference between Sonos Roam and Roam SL?

The main difference between the two speakers would be that the Roam comes with Alexa & Google Assitant built in. However, this does not mean that the Roam SL can’t be controlled via voice controls. When paired with another Sonos audio device that offers voice-activated assistants or by using the Sonos app, the Roam SL could then benefit from these features.

Is there a new Sonos Roam?

The Sonos Roam SL was announced on 1st March 2022. Pre-orders for the lower-cost version of the Roam are open now at sonos.com and the speaker will begin shipping on the 15th of March 2022

Is the Sonos Roam waterproof?

Yes! One of the major features offered by Sonos’ Roam is the fact that it is resistant to water damage. The Roam comes with an IP rating of IP67, which means it can stand being submerged in water of depths of 3ft or 1m.

Does Sonos Beam need a subwoofer?

The Sonos Beam is designed with three passive radiators which produce deep and thumpy bass. So in short no, it would not be completely necessary to add a subwoofer. Now, this does not mean that adding a subwoofer would not help create a more full experience. When wanting to create a full surround sound feel to your space, adding a subwoofer along with 2 rear-mounted speakers will give you the experience you are looking for.

Does Sonos Beam connect to TV wirelessly?

While most audio products from Sonos are designed and built to be used wirelessly the beam acts as an outlier in this situation. It would be required to have a physical connection to your TV via the HDMI-ARC or the Included HDMI-to-optical cable.

Is Sonos Beam good for surround sound?

The Sonos Beam helps complement other Sonos products. When paired with other smaller Sonos speakers you will be able to create a space rich in audio. Some additional pieces of Sonos products that will work well with the Sonos Beam would be; Play:1, One, Play:3, or Play:5, Move, or indeed one of the new Symfonisk speakers which recently released in the U.S.

What TVs are compatible with Sonos Beam?

If your TV is 10 years old or newer, the Sonos Beam will most likely operate well with it. You just need to make sure that your TV has an optical audio port (called Digital Audio Out on some TVs) or an HDMI-ARC port.


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