Control4 OS3 – Key Features Every User Should Know


Control OS3 Overview

At first glance, it’s possible to quickly characterize the new Control4 Smart Home OS 3 as a primarily cosmetic update. After all, what draws your attention is the new, daring appearance. The user interface of this sophisticated home management and automation platform has finally looked completely current and cutting-edge since it originally debuted on the market 15 years ago. 

The Control4 OS 3 update brought in some new major benefits as this makeover gives users more control of their smart home while optimizing the user experience. This brand-new layout and fresh style are merely the tips of what ends up being a very significant reorganization of how Control4 functions, or at the very least, how the user interacts with the system.

With the help of Control4 Smart Home OS 3, you can control hundreds of connected devices in your house from a single platform, provide homeowners the customization they desire, and make it easier for professionals to support smart home technology.

The following are the top five things you need to understand about Control4 Smart Home OS 3:


1. Personalize Your System

Homeowners can customize the system. To install, maintain, and manage smart home technology for families, OS 3 makes use of the expertise and know-how of tens of thousands of smart home professionals worldwide. By updating or creating smart home scenes, creating schedules to automate devices, and changing how devices communicate, the end user can, nevertheless, customize the system. For each room screen, users can even select a different “wallpaper” background.

2. “Favorites” Menu

Homeowners have the freedom to decide which gadgets to prioritize for each space thanks to “favorites.” The homeowner can move almost every device in the house to the top of the room page on the mobile app, touchscreen, and TV by Favoriting a device. With Favorites’ one-touch control, homeowners can now check wherever in the house the lights are on and whether the home is secure without having to tap. The news station may be at the top of the app in the living room, where the over-island lights appear first in the kitchen view. To Favorite a gadget, service, scene, or playlist in any room, just press and hold. Icons can be deleted off the screen with a single press or dragged for reorganization.


3. Security System Management

Lock users and PINs may now be simply handled for all locks using OS 3 thanks to unified lock management (with no need to create and edit users for each lock). Apply the modifications to all the locks in the house after creating a user, giving them a PIN, and setting a schedule.

4. Multi-Room Entertainment

Multi-room entertainment is reinvented in OS 3. With OS 3, you can easily distribute your music throughout the house and access the most well-liked streaming services with just a single click. Active Media, which is situated at the top of the screen and displays music controls and track information right at the front, gives music and video a prominent place. With the brand-new Sessions function, a homeowner may quickly add or delete rooms and change the volume throughout the entire house or just in individual areas. With the advent of MQA, OS 3 now brings native support for streaming high-resolution audio in Control4 systems (Master Quality Authenticated).


5. Coordinated Shade Control

More than 350 new icons are included in the new blinds and shade options, which represent the many different ways window coverings can function. This enables users to immediately see all open shades and to close them across the house with a single button click.


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