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Are you researching home automation installation options online for your Long Island property? We are here to help. Asking a knowledgeable team of specialists and allowing them to assist you in creating your solution is the only approach to getting the most incredible automation system. We can help you select the many brands and items that can make your home life more convenient and intelligent. Our expertise spans more than 25 years, so you might not even require a full home automation system. You’ll be surprised to learn that there are independent, smaller solutions that are more effective than their more substantial counterparts. Start your adventure below, or call us, and we’ll help you avoid unnecessary stress, expense, and time.

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Control4 Smart Home OS

Is an elegant Interface that remains easy to use and highly intuitive. Its design allows for rapid response time and fluid transition between apps and controls. At glance have a full overview of your home and connected devices. Control4’s Interaction devices such as the Neeo touchscreen remote, in-wall or tabletop touchscreens, or the Control4 OS app on your phone provide you with convenient ways to take immediate control.

Personalize your layout easily to fit your lifestyle needs. OS 3 icons visually represent individual states for connected devices, so you can instantly see whether a door is locked, the fan is on, or the garage is open. The system can be tailored by the end-user by editing or creating smart home scenes, setting schedules to automate devices, and modifying how devices interact.

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“Favorites” provide homeowners the flexibility to prioritize the devices for each room. When a device is Favorited, the homeowner can bring virtually everything in the home to the top of the room page in the mobile app, touchscreen, and TV. Favorites provides one-touch control, and homeowners can now see whether the home is secure or lights are on anywhere in the home without tapping. In a living room, the news station can be at the top of the app, where the over-island lights show up first in the kitchen view. Simply press and hold to Favorite a device, service, scene, or playlist in any room. Drag icons to reorganize or delete them from the screen with a simple tap.

OS 3 reimagines multi-room entertainment. With OS 3, you can share your music throughout the home with the ease of one-touch access to the most popular streaming services. Music and video take a prominent position with Active Media located at the top of the screen, showing music controls, and track details right at the front. The all-new Sessions feature allows a homeowner to easily add or remove rooms, adjust the volume everywhere or within a single room. OS 3 also adds native support for streaming high-resolution audio in Control4 systems with the addition of MQA (Master Quality Authenticated).

OS 3 enables you to secure your home more efficiently than ever with advanced security system control. Instead of creating or managing individual lock users and PINs for the entries around your home, unified lock management allows you to create a lock user, assign a PIN and a schedule, and then apply all the changes to all smart locks installed in the home in one swift command.

Say goodbye to the nuisance of creating individual users, PINs, and schedules for every smart lock around your property. OS 3 makes such a tedious task simple and streamlined so you can save more time and feel more secure.

Control4’s OS 3 puts the user experience first by replacing the unique circular-styled interface with a grid layout for a more universal and intuitive UI. Because the grid design is also used by several other popular consumer manufacturers, users are well adapted to navigating this interface, which makes controlling the Control4 system much more intuitive.

Just like you’re used to on your smartphone or tablet, you can easily hold-and-drag to add, remove, and arrange commonly used devices, streaming services, and scenes on any room screen or dashboard you desire.


Smart Home Automation - Control 4

Enjoy family moments and relax in an elevated sense of comfort, remain connected, and control your environment with a Control 4 panel.

Control Integrations

Control 4 Touchscreens / Lighting  / Multiroom Music / Voice Control / Wi-fi


Control 4 Touchscreens

Provides a total view and dedicated control of your entire home. With unique design features that set Control 4 apart from traditional touchscreens, is that all your apps are conveniently placed in one easy-to-find dashboard. No need to fumble through multiple screens to control multiple facets of your home. Manage and automate lighting, security, music, televisions, temperature, shades, and more. These elegant and modern panels are equipped, with high-resolution screens, fast processors, an advanced microphone array, and high-grade speakers that are excellent for security cameras and video doorbells, as well as intercom from room to room, or from home to mobile device. Choose from 8” or 10” in glossy black or white, and tabletop or in-wall mounting options.


Conveniently set the mood to match any moment with lighting control. From your busy morning routine to your relaxed family dinners design the proper ambiance to your liking.

Control Integrations

Lighting / Control 4 Touchscreens / Multiroom Music / Voice Control / Wi-fi


Scene Lighting

Mood-based lighting sets the scene for cooking, entertaining, or dining. All are easily controlled from your wall panel or smart device.  

Multiroom music allows you to enjoy your favorite songs and sounds in every room of your house. Don't miss a beat when transitioning to different spaces. 

Automated climate control allows for spaces to be efficiently temperature regulated by programming settings to adjust to the time of day.  

Home Theater

Experience media differently with a home theater. Our audio and visual solutions will allow you to immerse yourself in your movies, shows, and video games.

Control Integrations

Home Theater/ Control 4 Touchscreens / Lighting  / Multiroom Music / Voice Control / Wi-fi


4k Projectors provide the movie theater feel with crisp and vibration images.

High-Performance Audio

Complement your visual media experiences with sounds to match. Multichannel audio systems are designed to fit the style of your space and saturate you in quality.

Lighting Control

Create the perfect ambiance for the moment. Set your lighting to match your media and synchronize with the on-screen action.

Family Room

Enjoy family moments and relax in an elevated sense of comfort, remain connected, and control your environment from multiple devices.

Control Integrations

Control 4 Touchscreens / Lighting  / Multiroom Music / Voice Control / Wi-fi


Media Control

Indulge in your favorite programming all while controlling your media clutter-free. 

Universal Remotes

Command limitless entertainment with just a click of a remote, from turning on your TV to sete the perfect scene for movie night or game day.

Wi-fi Networking

Stay connected no matter what space you occupy. With upgraded networking, every rooms connection will be optimized.

Smart Home Security

Enjoy family moments and relax in an elevated sense of comfort, remain connected, and control your environment from multiple devices.

Control Integrations

Control 4 Touchscreens / Lighting  / Multiroom Music / Voice Control / Wi-fi


Automated Lighting

Control the visibility of your property with smart lighting. Automate a schedule or remotely activate.

Security Camera

Be at ease with security monitoring. With integrations that allow for the remote view, you can respond to any and all matters dealing with your home and family no matter the distance.

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