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Brookhill Tech’s service plans provide you with tech support to ensure your system and devices are optimized and operational. Our packages consist of two options, Platinum & Gold. Below you are able to compare the plans as well as view our no-service plan pricing.

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Our crew is fully aware of how crucial the quality of your WIFI connection is in today’s connected society. Whatever you do online—day trading, watching your favorite shows on-demand, or playing video games—we know how essential it is to you and how every click matters. The EEROS WIFI experts are Smarter Home Solutions of Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. To ensure you achieve the desired outcomes, whether pre-wiring a new home or improving your present home network, you should speak with a network professional. In addition, some electronics, including televisions, game consoles, and cable boxes, should be hardwired. This reduces the burden on your WiFi bandwidth.

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